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About method

RMT background

RMT method. How it works?

Here you can find basic background of method.

Good place for start!

CSRMT background

Controlled source

More features. CSRMT method.


Radio transmitters for RMT

Map of radio transmitters

This map helps to plane your survey. Here you can find locations of  many radio transmitters with specified frequencies.

RMT library


Base of papers and theses about RMT and CSRMT methods.


EMP software

ElectroMagnetic Processor - free software for MT, AMT, RMT, CSAMT and CSRMT data processing.


Карта радиостанций для РМТ

It describes various instruments for RMT and CSRMT methods. The features of various serial and non-serial recorders and EM field sensors are considered.


History of RMT

The begining

Here discrybed first geophysical usage of radio (20th-30th years of XX sentury).

Translation in progress...

History of RMT

Radiokip & VLF

Active development of radio wave methods (50th-80th years of ХХ sentury).

Translation in progress...

History of RMT


First broab-band receivers (80th-90th years of ХХ sentury).

Translation in progress...

RMT and CSRMT geography

Purple points have pictures of real spectra, azimuths and RMT sounding curves.

История РМТ
История РМТ
История РМТ
История РМТ

CSRMT coaching

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